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Since $HODL was launched last week, we now have over 120 HODLers that hold at least 1 $HODL. $HODL has survived from lots of FUDs and many weak hands were shaken out despite low liquidity on Uniswap.

The game has been turned on and off by some of our community members with strong hands (Hodlers with more than 5% supply). Hodlers saw their balance growing every day through passive yield farming.

It is time to grow our HODL community and welcome more hodlers on board. We will therefore incentivize liquidity provision on Uniswap via liquidity mining.

Starting at approximately 11/1 16:00 UTC, you can earn $HODL by staking LP tokens. We will be distributing 700 $HODL to the staking pool in the first week. The number of tokens to be distributed in the second week will be determined soon.

How to Farm $HODL

1. Get some $HODL

If you haven’t got any $HODL, you can obtain some on Uniswap. $HODL token address is 0x9B574599822642B04d0fF7e5776dF3A06f4540ba

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2. Provide liquidity on Uniswap

Go to Uniswap and add liquidity to the HODL/ETH pair. You will receive LP tokens in return.

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3. Approve and Stake LP tokens on our website

Go to our website and approve and stake your LP tokens.

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That’s it! Enjoy farming!

$HODL token address: 0x9B574599822642B04d0fF7e5776dF3A06f4540ba
UNI-LP token address: 0x79A4C4563A29d49ABf5F67AF2f73BB3D1f0d6Fd6
Staking contract address: 0x1221BE917DAF9c2Ee192b243401aD1B78067A6ed

Website: hodlfi.netlify.app
Twitter: twitter.com/hodlfi
Telegram: t.me/hodlfi

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